Irene reyna swinger #EvaAngelina #doublepenetration #pornstar Hi Leo, I am from Toronto, Canada. I am first time going to Riga. Need your help. Appreciate if you contact me Thx Selim Toronto Canada. Went friday-monday this November. Never going back to Riga. Felt uncomfortable when going out, with this I mean both early evenings AND nights. We went a group of 15, all ages. Steer clear. Country of scam, husslers and rude girls, especially the Russians. My mate was forced to pay €870 for 5 drinks in a club. The girls are beautiful but have no brain, dumb as f***. Go to Prague instead. Is there nightlife during the week or just on the weekend? Thank you. I pay in[…]

Amateur bdsm list post Uncompressed YCbCr 4:2:2 video streams are encountered with two different sets of levels, one standardized and one ad hoc. The standardized levels are specified by the International Telecommunications Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) and are often referred to as “video range,” “legal levels,” or “studio swing.” These levels carry values from 16-235 for Y and 16-240 for Cr and Cb, assuming 8 bits per sample (higher values if 10-bit). The specification for “last generation” standard definition picture is ITU-R Recommendation BT.601 (often called Rec. 601 or by its former name, CCIR 601). BT.601 encoding of North American 525-line 60 Hz and European (and other) 625-line 50 Hz signals (both interlaced) yields 720 luminance samples and 360 chrominance[…]