Views raelledreamz beautiful teen bending CountryGirl… #DenimDelight #NonNude #Hot #Cute #Sexy saga boy: a male or female who is boastful of his physical attributes, flashy dresser, dandy sampat: an unfair attack, ambush scizzors: poom-poom – vagina. screw pan: an angry or determined look on a person’s face; usually makes them look humorously ugly shadow beni: a herb known an cilantro used for its distinctive seasoning flavour, added to cooking meats giving a distinctive taste shif yuh / carcass: move over, get going. shub, shove: move or cast aside. skin up / yuh nose: turn up ones nose skinnin yuh teet: grinning sky-lark: to idle, waste time sometimeish: moody Soucoyant / sucuyant – soo-koo-yah : she is an old woman who[…]