Giantess story tracey pantyhose shower crush #GirlsOutWest #Redhead #FireCrotch #RedBush #Tongue #Cunnilingus Filmmaker: Jon Blair. This film about the life of well-known diarist Anne Frank includes interviews with Miep Gies, the woman who helped shelter Anne Frank’s family and saved the diary when the group was betrayed. Filmmakers: Andre Heller and Othmar Schmiderer. Traudl Junge was one of Hitler’s personal secretaries from autumn 1942 until the fall of the Nazi regime. In her first on-camera interview, Junge describes how what she heard and saw turned her into a vehement opponent of National Socialism. However, she still carries guilt for liking Hitler when she was young. Filmmakers: Bob Hercules and Cheri Pugh. As one of very few twins who survived the[…]