Chubby small tits sex vids #gif #BlackAndWhite #teasing #panties ED Erectile Dysfunction. EE Erotic Enema. Ellie Law Enforcement. The euphemism stems from the fact that people would refer to Law Enforcement with the abbreviation, “LE”. When expressed phonetically it was confused with the female name, “ Ellie “. Since confusion and chaos rule despite people’s best efforts—. EMA Extra-Marital-Affairs. Affairs after marriage, but before divorce. EMP European Massage Parlor (white girls). English Segment of bondage and discipline; including spanking /whipping. enhancements Implants, most commonly breast implants, but sometimes penile implants (depending upon context). envelope Often cash payments for an ASP’s services are placed in an envelope . Rather than handing the ASP cash directly, or discussing money, the envelope is[…]